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What sound can be more satisfying than the sound a reel makes when a large trout that you have been after, finally accepts your offering and takes off like an express train. True, most of the time fly reels are there just to gather and hold the fly line, but there are times when the reliability of a reel is crucial to the deciding factor of who wins the battle, man or fish. Some reels like the Greys Fly Reel and the Orvis Fly Reel can be factored into this outcome as both are top quality reels that will not let you down. Both have a variable price range and have been designed and manufactured under the strictest environments and parameters. There are many different types of fly reels with different functions. The most common mid range reels tend to be spare spool cassette type where the middle carrying spool pops out of the central spindle allowing another cassette with perhaps a different weight of line to be popped into place so the angler can deploy different tactics in their quest to catch. If purchasing a Greys Fly Reel or perhaps an Orvis Fly Reel you will have an option of choosing a large selection of fly reel models that come with cassette type spare spools. Also look out for reels that have a neoprene carry pouch, this allows complete protection against damage due to carrying inside a tackle bag etc.

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