Dynamite Liquid Carp Food 1ltr

Flavour: CSL
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Dynamite Liquid Carp Food 1ltr

Dynamite Liquid Carp Food 1ltr is saturated in amino acids yeast and natural sugars giving the carp a digestible liquid food for carp. Use for soaking pellts or boilies or add to any mix desired. PVA friendly liquid. 1 litre bottle.

Premium CSL  Contains amino acids, yeast and natural sugars formed from Corn Steep Liquir process.

Premium Krill High Artic Krill content and full of amino acids and natural oils.

Premium Squid Containing Dynamites famous Squid essence and amino acid with natural oils.

Premium Worm Contains worm meal that is naturally rich in amino acids, proteins and nutrients essential to a fish’s diet.

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