Dynamite Complex-T Liquid Attractant (Bait Soak & Rehydration)

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Dynamite Complex-T Liquid Attractant (Bait Soak & Rehydration) 

Complex T Liquid Attractant is a premium liquid based on the nutritional profile of the Complex-T boilies. Perfect for adding to stick or spod mixes or for re-hydrating baits. When added to boilie base mixes, Dynamite recommend 50ml per kg of basemix to boost the water soluble attractors in your baits. An excellent all season bait additive whatever it's use.
This PVA friendly Liquid Attractant can also be added to PVA bags to increase attraction around your hookbaits. Perfectly matches the boilie recipe to give you added pulling power should you need it.

  • 500ml bottle

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