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Greys GTS300 Fly Reel

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Greys GTS300 Fly Reel

If you are just starting out into the wonderful world of fly fishing then there is no better place to start than buying a Greys fly reel. Of course they come in all sorts of designs and specifications but if you are looking for reel economy and quality in mind then look now further than the Greys GTS300. Yes, you can actually get a reel with both these parameters!

The reel has been manufactured using die cast aluminium giving a lightweight feel and the look of the reel is suspiciously like the more expensive GTS600, so you can bling out on the bank! Like a lot of reels these days a large arbor has been incorporated, and rightly so, as this allows good controlled drag and less coiling of fly lines which, in turn, gives better longer delivery and presentation on the water. Greys have applied the Rulon disc drag feature onto the fighting end of the reel, sort of similar to a Teflon washer system, the discs really do control a heavier tussling or running river giant and bring smooth, even control and response to anything the fish has to give.

This reel will switch quickly and easily if you are left or right handed. It comes in two sizes allowing for delicate trout and stream fishing when using the 4-5-6 model or the 6/7/8 which will put you in among the resevoir and grilse anglers of the fishing world.

This is a cosmetically enhanced good looking reel that will give a long maintenance free service and, when matched with the right rod, will deliver what is needed and more.

Max Capacity: 4/5/6 WF6+50m backing, 6/7/8 WF8+85m backing 

  • Super quality and economics
  • Die-cast full aluminium manufacture
  • Giving top power to grammes conversion
  • Fitted with a Rulon drag system
  • Large Arbor for line maintenance
  • Simple left to right switch



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