JRC Cocoon Landing Net

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JRC Cocoon Landing Net

This JRC Cocoon Landing Net has been manufactured to be the perfect complement to the rest of the items in the brand’s Cocoon range, which includes bivvies, bedchairs, luggage, rods, and rod support systems. This makes it ideal for the carp fishing fan who likes all their gear to match. As such, the Cocoon Landing Net comes in a neutral black colour, and it will look great with which over rod setup you choose. The mesh of the net is ultra soft, in order to allow you to practise proper fish care, and it comes with a small magnet stitched into the base. This can then be attached to the corresponding magnet on the handle, keeping the base of the net lifted as you slide it into the water. This is ideal when you’re angling in snaggy or shallow water, as it prevents your net from catching (and potentially ripping) on hidden objects under the surface.

The handle of the Cocoon Landing Net is robust and an impressive 198cm in length (approximately 6ft 5 inches). This makes it ideal for most general carp fishing, as it strikes the perfect balance between length and manoeuvrability and the length gives you that essential extra reach in especially difficult to fish spots. The handle is manufactured from a carbon composite material, which is both slim and strong. This ensures that you don’t have to battle with additional unnecessary weight when you’re trying to land your catch, too, as carbon is exceptionally lightweight.

The JRC Cocoon Landing Net comes in two different sizes. The first is the standard 42 inch size, which ensures that your net is ample large enough to house huge UK carp. If you’re an angler who likes to target the larger continental species, however, you might be more interesting in the 50 inch version, which gives you the extra width to target monster carp and even wels-catfish with confidence.

  • A robust and practical landing net
  • Ideal tool under even the toughest conditions
  • Clever magnetic mesh retainer
  • Offers a simplistic solution for keeping the mesh out of the snags
  • 198cm length offers just a little bit more reach
  • Great when fishing in difficult spots
  • Strong and slim carbon composite handle (total length 198cm)

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