JRC Defender Neoprene Rod Wraps

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JRC Defender Neoprene Rod Wraps

Designed to give a fully secure grip to all rods, this pair of JRC Rod Wraps protect your rods at all times, whether in transit, in storage, or on the bank. Made from full-stretch neoprene, these wraps are fully waterproof, while a multi position Velcro closure ensures a close, tight fit for all rods offering complete peace of mind when it comes to your priceless tackle.

With a pair of straps provided in each pack, you can effortlessly secure a taken-down sectional rod at tip and butt.

Presented in classic black, with a smart, clear logo from one of angling's most effective brands, JRC have proved that, even in the simplest piece of angling equipment, they effortlessly live up to their slogan and challenge - “expect more.” While you might expect a rod strap to be little more than a glorified elastic band, JRC have delivered a quality piece of rod protection that offers functional, secure, waterproof protection for any rods.

Ideal for specialist anglers, rod wraps allow you to safely carry your rod without a quiver or holdall, avoiding damage.  If you are using a holdall, the rod straps give your rods extra protection, ensuring that your rods make it to the bank in prime condition, ready to fish.

Founded with a commitment to providing practical, affordable equipment for anglers across all disciplines, JRC have consistently added to and improved the range of tackle and accessories they offer. The Defender range is their dedicated carp angler range, providing quality, durable tackle and accessories that will stand up to the demands of extended sessions, rugged banks, and barrow journeys over bumpy ground.

Whatever your style of fishing, however many rods you typically take down to the swim with you, these rod wraps are a small, inexpensive item that can make a big, priceless difference to the condition of your kit.

  • Stretchy neoprene for the correct rod retention
  • Multi-position Velcro closure
  • Two straps in a pack
  • Dimensions: 26cm x 8cm / 15cm x 5cm

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