Kodex Twin Treble Rigs (Snap Tackles)

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Kodex Twin Treble Rigs (Snap Tackles)

Kodex twin-treble rigs are produced with high quality components. The wire is Japanese seven-strand, with hi-carbon X-Strong trebles, matt black size 8 swivels and black copper crimp sleeves. The crimps are then tensioned with a special machine utilising precise air pressure to ensure that they are squeezed to the perfect tightness level. The upper treble can be adjusted to make the distance between the hooks longer or shorter, to accommodate different size baits - this is a unique feature. The patented floating crimp can then be affixed to stop the upper treble moving once you have set the distance you want. The rig also has a red attractor fin on the upper treble, to encourage snap takes.

  • Adjustable upper treble with patented floating crimp that allows the top treble to be fixed at a set length if desired
  • Black chrome X-Strong hooks
  • Complete with red attractor fin
  • Fine seven strand black wire
  • Machine crimped for reliability
  • Sizes 4, 6 or 8

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