Kodex Spinner Traces

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Size: 20lb
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Kodex Spinner Traces

These wire traces are assembled using Japanese seven-strand wire with matt black size eight swivels and black copper crimp sleeves. The crimps are then tensioned with a special machine utilising precise air pressure to ensure they are squeezed perfectly tight. The crimps are then sleeved with silicone for safety and rig presentation. They have a secure safety clip to attach lures quickly and easily. Always use a wire trace above your lure to ensure you lose fewer fish, pike will cut through mono in an instant.

  • Easy open/close secure Power Links
  • Fine seven strang black wire
  • Machine crimped for reliability with silicone over-sleeve
  • Ample 20" length
  • Kodex spinner traces are available in 20lb and 28lb breaking strains
  • 2 per packet

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