Penn Regiment II Boat Rod


Penn Regiment II Boat Rod

Penn Regiment II Boat Rod

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Penn Regiment II Boat Rod

The PENN Regiment II Boat rods are a new series of nice light but powerful rods. Designed to be used with both monofilament or braid and will handle all species. The new SLS3 blank make up provides a really slim diameter blank giving a smaller and lighter rod that is more ergonomic.  Designed with specific 12lb, 20lb and 30lb line class actions to give the boat angler looking for bigger fish top performance. Coming with a longer tip and short butt, these light, smaller diameter, faster action blanks are sold with innovative Fuji intermediate rings. These are manufactured to flex with the blank to keep the ideal compression ark and hold top fighting performance. An original shaped fore grip fits the hand for total comfort when playing larger species for longer periods. This grip is long enough to let both hands hold the rod in one area to give the best pressure against large bottom hugging fish that need to be hauled away from wrecks or are using suction to hold the sea bed.  

  • SLS3 Blank 
  • Top Grade EVA Front grip
  • Comes with a cloth bag and cordura tube
  • Shrink tube handle
  • Delivered with a cloth bag and Cordura tube
  • Available in standard eyed formats and a 6ft4 50lb rod with Roller eyes

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