Radical Boilies 1kg


Radical Boilies 1kg Radical Boilies 1kg

Radical Boilies 1kg


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Radical Boilies 1kg


Who does not know them, yellow Scopex Boilies with the unmistakable aroma of butter and a light vanilla? In order to achieve the greatest possible catch-up, this boilie is based on a balanced mix of natural flours combined with a combination of crushed and whole hemp, produced with real butyric acid. In doing so, we place great importance on the fact that the boilie releases its aroma and various ingredients within a very short time and thus lures the carp quickly to the fishing spot. The results obtained in various tests were outstanding!

Rubby Dubby

Karpfenboilies - fishy, course and rough. Consisting of real fish and shrimp pieces for "Knack & Crunch" - effect and genuine fish oils for the smell and taste, instead of artificial flavors. The absence of preservatives immediate activation of the bait in the water. High-end fishmeals ensure rapid digestion and a true feeding frenzy of carp. In resealable bag!

  • Comes in a 1kg bag
  • 16mm size

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