Rio Grand Maxcast Fly Line


Rio Grand Maxcast Fly Line Rio Grand Maxcast Fly Line Rio Grand Maxcast Fly Line

Rio Grand Maxcast Fly Line


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Rio Grand Maxcast Floating Fly Line

The Rio Grand Maxcast floating fly line is a size up heavier than normal AFTMA ratings and this is seen in the weight being put towards the front end of the fly line to compress the fast actioned fly rods quicker and easier. XS infused coating and AgentX applied floatant allow Rio Grand to ride high in the water and cast for extremely long distances.  Designed with a braided mono inner the Rio Grand will perform perfectly even in colder conditions. High buoyancy tip means no sinking line tips and comes complete with welded loops. The running line and head have different colours allowing easy identification of the lines loading point.

Code Type Size Length Head Weight Head Length
GR5 Floating WF5 90ft. 195gr. 38ft.
GR6 Floating WF6 100ft. 230gr. 39ft.
GR7 Floating WF7 100ft. 280gr. 40ft.
GR8 Floating WF8 100ft. 310gr. 41ft.
  • Will load fast rods quicker
  • Heavier than normal AFTMA
  • Shorter head for speed loading
  • Lt. Green/Yellow 

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