Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head


Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head

Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head


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Rio Scandi Floating Shooting Head

The Rio Scandi Floating Head is a really easy simple casting Scandi type of shooting head. The designers at Rio have incorporated the near zero stretch ConnectCore for super control and positive hook ups. Rio have supply this line in various sizes and lengths to suit all angles of salmon fishing. If you are fishing a tight corner or river use use a head length that is about 2.5 to 3 times overall fly rod length. Hence a 12' rod would take a head that is around 30 to 36' in length. So if you keep in mind that the shorter the head length is then the tighter you can fish as you will not need as much back space.

Code Size Length Head Weight Head Weight Colour
RSF300 #5 31.0 ft. 300 grains 19 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF360 #6 31.0 ft. 360 grains 22 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF390 #7 31.0 ft. 390 grains 25 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF400 #7 36.0 ft. 400 grains 26 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF435 #8 32.0 ft. 435 grains 28 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF460 #8 37.0 ft. 460 grains 30 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF510 #9 34.0 ft. 510 grains 33 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF520 #9 38.0 ft. 520 grains 34 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF540 #9 34.0 ft. 540 grains 35 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF580 #10 39.0 ft. 580 grains 38 grams Salmon/Orange
RSF640 #11 40.0 ft. 640 grains 42 grams Salmon/Orange
  • Very easy casting head
  • Identification print on rear of head
  • Near zero stretch for better hook ups
  • Welded loops

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