Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit

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Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit

Texas & Carolina Kit

Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit#2 - Texas & Carolina Kit is a fishing kit with rod, reel, fluorocarbon, worms, crayfish and rig kit. Get ready to fish with Texas & Carolina from the popular YouTube series Perch Academy!
No, we’re not making a list of top ten places to visit in the United States – this is a curation of high-quality Savage Gear tackle specially designed to put more perch in your net. Texas and Carolina style fishing were first used in the bass fishing game Stateside, but they have since evolved the way that perch anglers fish with amazing results, as you can see in episode one of the Savage Gear Perch Academy on YouTube. This Signature Kit has been carefully curated to give you everything you need to fish these super-effective styles – from rod and reel, through to lures and terminal tackle – just add an angler, and pretty soon that angler will be catching more perch than they can count!
  • Reaction Crayfish - 7,3 cm/4 g/5 pcs
  • Reaction Crayfish - 9.1 cm / 7.5 g / 5 pcs
  • Rib Worm Kit - 60 pcs
  • T & C Rigging Kit - 100 pcs
  • SG4 2500 FD 8+1BB - incl. graph spare spool
  • SG4 T/C Finezze Specialist 7' / 2.13m / F / 7-21g / ML / 2 sec
  • Soft Fluorocarbon - 50m / 0.22mm / 3.5kg / 7.6lbs / Clear

    Team Ned & Cheb

    Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit#1 - Team Ned & Cheb is a fishing kit to start fishing Ned-rig and Cheburaska while perch fishing. Kit includes crayfish, jig heads, rod and reel to get you ready to fish with crayfish imitations according to the popular YouTube series Perch Academy!
    You’ve seen and heard everything about them on the Savage Gear Perch Academy YouTube series. You’ve seen the monster fish they are responsible for, and now you can revolutionise your own fishing game with these two sensational techniques. Open this tailored Signature Kit and enter a treasure trove of carefully curated fishing tackle that gives you everything you need to fish both Ned and Cheb style – the only thing we can’t help you with? How to control your excitement when you stand landing monster perch after monster perch during your next session. From rod butt to hook, Savage Gear is your secret weapon in the high-octane world of perch fishing.
    • Reaction Crayfish - 7,3 cm/4 g/5 st
    • Reaction Crayfish - 9,1 cm / 7.5 g / 5 st
    • Cheb Head Kit - 30 st
    • Ned Jighead - #1/ 9 g/ matte black/ 3 st
    • SG4 2500 FD 8+1BB - inkl. graph. spare spool
    • SG4 Light Game - 7’3'' / 2.21m / F / 5-18g / L 2-sec

    The Jig 'N' Drop Kit

    Savage Gear Perch Academy Kit#3 - Savage Gear The Jig 'N' Drop Kit with spinning rod, spinning reel, jigs, jig heads and dropshot sinkers. A fishing kit to start perch fishing with traditional jig fishing and dropshot according to the popular Youtube series Perch Academy!
    The Perch Academy has explored many new and evolving techniques that help to catch our prized stripey beauties, but sometimes the old ways do it best. Enter this superb selection of tackle to help you enjoy some arm-aching action jigging or drop shotting for perch. Whether they’re hiding out under cover or behind structure, or scouring the shallows looking for easy meals, this kit gives you the versatility to catch perch in almost any conditions. The only thing you won’t be able to do is keep count of just how many fish this set-up will help you catch.
    • Pro Grub Kit - 52 pcs
    • Lure Specialist Sinker Kit - 35 pcs
    • SG4 2500 FD 8+1BB - incl. graph. spare spool
    • SG4 Drop Shot Specialist - 7'8'' / 2.33m / F / 5-18g / L 2 sec

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