Savage Gear The Wit Kit

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Savage Gear The Wit Kit

Savage Gear The Wit Kit is a fishing set with casting rod, low profile reel, swimbaits, twitchbait and fluorocarbon leader. A fishing kit signed by the extremely successful Sean Wit with handpicked equipment to help you get more encounters with big pike in your net!

Want to get inside the mind of one of Europe’s most successful anglers? We can’t do that, but we can give you the kit he uses to tame big pike all around the continent. This is the Wit kit, expertly chosen by innovative and skilful angler Sean Wit – inside the box you’ll find everything you need to start getting more bites from big pike. From the awesome camo green casting reel to the tail of the lure, the Savage Gear Wit Kit will allow you to fish with comfort, style and success. Just don’t tell your friends, they’ll only get jealous.

  • SG4 Power Game BC - 7'3''/2.21 m / MF / 70-130 g / XH / 2 sec
  • SG8 250 BC LH - Left Hand / 7+1BB(2JP) / BC / 6,6:1
  • 3D Hard Pulsetail Roach - 18 cm / 95 g / Slow Sinking / Roach
  • Gravity Twitch SR - 14,5 cm / 50 g / Floating / Roach
  • 4D Line Thru Pulse Tail Trout - 16 cm / 51 g / Slow sink / Albino Trout

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