Shimano Beastmaster AX Slim Boat Rod


Shimano Beastmaster AX Slim Boat Rod Shimano Beastmaster AX Slim Boat Rod

Shimano Beastmaster AX Slim


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Shimano Beastmaster AX Slim

What a truely remarkable range of rods this is, the ultra slim blanks are deceptively powerful while maintaining ultra sensitive bite detection right up to the higher line classes. We'll start with the 12-20lb class, which is just perfect for inshore boat work, ultimate bite detection from the slim blank combines with power further down meaning it's perfect when fishing for wrasse and bream, with the chance of a bigger bonus fish, this little rod brings the fun back into inshore boat angling, gone are the days of skull dragging fish in with pokers. The 20-30lb class rod is one we've had first hand experience off, deep water, larger leads and bigger baits are easily handled, and when you do get a bite, the sensitivity it second to none and when you hook up playing fish on this progressive actioned rod brings the fun back into angling. The 30-50lb rods is capable for any situation presented to it in UK waters, truely handy when fishing the depths it will absorb runs from the feistiest of Blue sharks, congers and big rays, strap on a butt pad and hang on for the ride. In summary a truly astounding range of slimline rods which will cover any situation you throw at them, a personal favourite at a great price point.


Class Length Sections Weight Rings
12-20lb 2.28m 2 217g 12
20-30lb 2.28m 2 222g 12
30-50b 2.28m 2 230g 11

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