Sundridge Beach Buddy Convertible Shelter


Sundridge Beach Buddy Convertible Shelter Sundridge Beach Buddy Convertible Shelter

Sundridge Beach Buddy Convertible Shelter


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Sundridge Beach Buddy Convertible Shelter

If you want a top quality shelter for all your sea fishing then you’re going to want to go for one designed by an expert in the field. This Sundridge Beach Buddy Navy Blue is one such product. Not only is it designed specifically for surf fishing but it has also been designed by shore fishing legend, John Holden. John is the world famous author of both Shorefishing and Long Distance Casting and when you think British sea fishing then chances are his is one of the first names to spring to mind. His knowledge of sea fishing and the needs of the beach fishing angler are second to none, so you can be confident that any shelter with his stamp of approval is going to be more than adequate for even the most rigorous surf caster out there.

It isn’t only the premier name behind the Sundridge Beach Buddy that sets it apart from the competition. This is an incredibly versatile shelter and it can be modified for dry and wet conditions alike thanks to its easy conversion hood section. The hood section of the Sundridge Beach Buddy can be completely removed, allowing you to convert the shelter from the ultimate wet-weather solution to a handy windbreak. This is ideal on those days when the sun is out in as much force as the wind and you want to be able to benefit from its warmth whilst remaining completely protected from both the wind and the sand it flicks up. In fact, in order to prevent any sand from entering the shelter the Sundridge Beach Buddy has been designed with an extended skirt section. This allows you to ensure that you’re never going to suffer from the sand whipping around your ankles, as well as aiding with stability.

The Sundridge Beach Buddy is completely waterproof and windproof. It even features taped seams throughout, as seams are often the area of the shelter which is most at risk of leakage due to the thousands of small holes that are created during the stitching process. Tape sealing eliminates this risk of these kind of leaks, ensuring that you remain completely dry throughout your sea fishing session. The Sundridge Beach Buddy has been aerodynamically designed in order to offer complete stability in even the most windy of conditions. You can use the extended skirt in order to ensure that your shelter is completely stable no matter the elements by tucking it under the sand, shingle, or rocks.

The Sundridge Beach Buddy is incredibly quick and easy to assemble. In fact, in testing this shelter has been erected in less than three minutes, ensuring that, should you head down to the beach on the worst and windiest days, you can quickly give yourself a shelter. This also means that you never have to waste time at the water’s edge wrestling with your shelter – the quick and easy setup means that you can get your rods out as soon as possible, increasing your chance of a catch from the off. The shelter also has a surprisingly small pack down size. This ensures that you’re able to fit this shelter neatly in your car boot, ready for you to take down to the water as soon as the conditions change.

  • Original design by John Holden
  • Totally waterproof
  • Completely windproof
  • Folds down for easy transport
  • Offers a large amount of space
  • Extended skirt
  • Incredible stability & protection

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