Swift Furnished Handlines

Type: 4C
Sale price£4.99 GBP


Swift Furnished Handlines

Tough and durable frames. Hard brass wire booms. Rot proof hard laid orange polythene line. No. 4 bronzed T.D.E. hooks, mounted on nylon monofilament.

  • 2C - 140mm frame, 14m of no. 1 cord, 1x82mm boom with 1 hook, 1x55g grip lead
  • 4C - 178mm frame, 18m of no. 2 cord, 2x101mm booms with 2 hooks, 1x55g grip lead
  • 5C - 203mm frame, 27m of no. 3 cord, 2x114mm booms with 2 hooks, 1x85g grip lead

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