Here are the results and a few photos of the NIFSA festival at the weekend
Here are the results and a few photos of the NIFSA festival at the weekend. Any queries please contact us with PM and not on this post.
Thanks again to all that attended and all the members who worked tirelessly to make it run smoothly.
Hope to see you all again next year. Tight
Recorders Report
This weekend saw our 4th "two day festival", and biggest turn out yet with lots of visiting anglers from England, Scotland and Ireland.
There were some top anglers amongst the visiting contingent so competition was going to be tight.
Session 1 was split between longfields and the roe with the roe being the most productive of the venues. All fish caught were flounder bar a fine bass of 52cm caught by Alan Mulcahy.
Zone 1 Longfield
1st Alan Mucahy 8 fish 231 pts
2nd Neil Culter 7 fish 206 pts
3rd Lee Mullan 6 fish 192 pts
Longest fish 52cm Bass Alan Mulcahy
Zone 2 River Roe
1st Kevin Lewis 18 fish 516 pts
2nd Philip Pape 14 fish 406 pts
3rd Colin Bell 10 fish 297 pts
Longest fish 34cm flounder Kevin Lewis and Jimmy Connell tied.
Saturday evening saw us make our way to East Strand Portrush where both zones fitted.
The promised plagues of dogs never materialised and the fishing was generally bad with quiet a few blanks. Species caught were flounder, dab, whiting and dogs.
Zone 1
1st Jordan Hunter 4 fish 220 pts
2nd Kenny McCoy 2 fish 110 pts
3rd Garry Gregg 3 fish 84 pts
Longest fish 30cm flounder Andrew Ferguson
Zone 2
1st Harry McKee Jr 4 fish 220 pts
2nd Scott McCartney 3 fish 165 pts
3rd Thomas Tate 3 fish 135 pts
Longest fish 21cn flounder Christopher Mccook
Sunday saw everyone trek round to Portsalon in Donegal (where it still amazes me how accommodating the locals are and have a genuine interest in what we are doing😀).
This fished the best of the three sessions with thornback ray, dogs and flounder being the main quarry.
Zone 1
1st Alan Mulcahy 11 fish 653pts
2nd Neil Culter 10 fish 615pts
3rd Gavin Owen 11 fish 611pts
Longest fish was a 69cm thornie tied between Brian Dickson and Joe Perry.
Zone 2
1st Davey Dobbie 12 fish 775 pts
2nd Kenny McCoy 12 fish 677 pts
3rd Gary Mccurry Gary10 fish 648 pts
Longest fish was a 77 cm ray Davey Dobbie.
After three sessions the top rods were
Alan Mulcahy 8 pts
Davey Dobbie 14 pts
Drew Ferguson 15 pts
Neil Culter 15pts
Scott McCartney 17 pts
Joe Perry 17pts
Gavin Owen 17pts
Kenny McCoy 18 pts
Gareth Gardner 23 pts
Bob Gascoigne 23pts
The team results were as follows
1st England 279 pts
2rd Northern Ireland 573pts
3rd Scotland 574 pts
4th Ireland 754 pts.
I have included photos of all the score sheets for anyone to browse.
We paid £1000 to overall winner
£140 for a zone win
£120 2nd
£100 3rd
£80 4th
£60 5th
£70 longest fish in each zone
Terminal tackle for 6th till 10th in each zone.
I'd like to thank everyone who attended and special thanks to Diarmaid Adams, Harry Jr, Garry Gregg and David Hilditch with peg draw, gathering money, pegging venues and compiling scores etc ( all the crap jobs).
Biggest thanks is to Gareth Bell who sat till silly o'clock putting scores onto an organised spread sheet which helped speed up the whole process.
Thanks also to Belfast Angling Centre for sponsoring the tackle prizes, the lads from Clashmore SAC for the monetary prize, Gary McCurry for best out of state bottle of Whiskey, the Montra club in Coleraine for use of their premises and the Lord Mayor of Coleraine for giving out prizes.