Westin - Connecting Man and Fish
Life's too short to use ugly tackle. And who needs lures that don't catch fish? Chuck all that old stuff away and gear up with Westin. Westin fishing tackle, lures and clothing are made by a bunch of modern-day Vikings who enjoy fishing like they enjoy breathing.

You're about to see products that feel good in the hand, feel great to use and catch fish you've only dreamed of. Just click on your favourite fishing style to start...

Built to look good, feel great in the hand and show those predators there's always somebody smarter, meaner and deadlier than you.

Designed to bring in those monster fish no matter what the conditions.

Scandinavian design masterpieces designed to give you power and perfect presentation when targeting the world's wiliest fish.

Whatever kind of rod you're after - and however much you want to spend - you know that with the Westin W3, W4, W6 and W8, you'll be getting the best in class.

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