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Spinner Jigs and Fishing Lures
To lure a fish. There are plenty of methods of luring fish but the most popular are that of spinner and plugs and particularly Metal Fishing Lures. In the sea the stable diet for a lot of species are sandeels, which amass in huge numbers in summertime around the U.K. and Ireland. Anglers try to mimic these small slim silvery eels so as to fool the predatory hunting fish that follow them. Angling manufacturers have designed and produced these Fishing Lures and nowadays there is nearly as many sandeel patterns as there are actual sandeels! Here at Fishing Tackle 2U we have selected what we think are the most effective patterns of not only sandeels but herring fry and other small shoal fish. This has resulted in quite a large selection of lures so that any situation is well covered. All our lures will have a quality swivel together with a razor sharp treble or single hook. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about our lures if you are unsure about what type to buy, we will be only too happy to answer.

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