Daiwa match day three

Daiwa match day three.
Waterfoot 1700-2200
Conditions: Very calm, settled and warm.
Fishing full drop on a gin like sea.
When this one was organised, the commitee envisaged a cold blustery March evening. Instead we got summer like conditions which weren't ideal for beach fishing.
30 anglers fished, despite Mother’s Day, but were treated to a very slow start though as the light faded some flats, plaice, rockling, codling and coalie showed with the end pegs being better than the middle.
Zone A
1st Gareth Bell 13 fish 315pts
2nd Colin Reilly Reilly 10 fish 260pts
3rd Ali Wall 8 fish 204pts
4th Harry Jr 7 fish 173pts
Zone B
1st Chris Christopher Mccook 12 fish 302pts
2nd Stephen Hodge 9 fish 231pts
3rd Harry Sr 7 fish 167pts
4th Diarmaid Siobhán Adams 6 fish 150pts
Junior winner Jonathan Mcmullan 3 fish 61pts
Longest flat 29cm flounder Steve Clements
Longest round 22cm codling Ronnie Andrews
Next league match will be an estuary match in June with the Ukraine fundraiser in a fortnight.