Daiwa Shore League match day nine

Daiwa Shore League match day nine.
Venue: Waterfoot (Town end) 1100hrs—1600hrs
Tide/Conditions: fishing full flood. Blustery day with weed badly affecting zone B.
Species caught; Flounder......
This was an all day light match which meant it was going to be scratchy. The lower numbers fished better than high where heavy stalks of weed caused issues.
Numbers where slightly down due to a few guys self isolating and a baby being born. (congrats Christopher Mccook).
Zone A
1st Ian Millar 11 fish 335 pts
2nd Stephen Hodge 11 fish 315 pts
3rd Mike Henry 7 fish 195 pts (beat 4th on longest fish count back)
4th Paul Beggs Beggs 7 fish 195 pts
5th Colin Reilly Reilly 6 fish 153 pts
6th Harry McKee Jnr 5 fish 141 pts
7th Andrew Logan 3 fish 81 pts
8th Paul Hill 3 fish 76pts
Zone B
1st Drew Ferguson 5 fish 149 pts
2nd Harry Mckee Snr 4 fish 110 pts
3rd Ronnie Andrews 4 fish 101pts
4th Barry Platt Platt 3 fish 80 pts
5th Diarmaid Adams 3 fish 76 pts
6th Gary Mccurry 2 fish 66 pts
7th Karl Agnew Agnew 2 fish 65 pts
8th Martin O'boyle O'boyle 1 fish 37 pts
Cash was paid 1st to 3rd and prizes sponsored by Daiwa and Belfast Angling Centre 4th to 8th.
Longest fish was 32cm Flounder tied between 4 anglers.
Stephen Hodge
Drew Ferguson
Ian Millar
Martin O'Boyle
Winner of the lucky peg draws for the bottles of Vodka were,,
Zone A Andrew Logan
Zone B Andy Curry
Our finalised league table will be up tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone who supported the league over the year whether you fished two matches or all nine.
Thanks to Dairmaid and Martin for doing the beach check at the end of the match. Something we do after every match.