NIFSA 4 species challenge results
NIFSA 4 species challenge.
We had 34 anglers out and about over last month hunting Pollock, Ballan Wrasse, Coalies and Lesser Spotted Dogs.
Some cracking pollock and wrasse were entered which bodes well for next leg of species league however coalfish were very light on the ground which is very concerning considering they are sometimes considered a nuisance fish.
Dogs also seem to be in plentiful supply about East Antrim coast as well.
1st Jonny Dawson Dawson 212cm
2nd Kenny Bodles Bodles Bodles 210 cm
3rd Stephen Hodge Hodge Hodge 196cm
4th Paddy O'boyle O'boyle O'boyle 194cm
5th Uel Moore Moore Moore 193cm
6th Paul Hill Hill Hill 191cm
7th Colin Reilly Reilly Reilly 190cm
8th Drew Ferguson 182cm
9th Mike Henry Henry 172cm
10th=Jonny Henry Henry 162cm
10th=Christopher Mccook McCook 162cm
Well done to all who completed the challenge
Great to see a new angle for competition sea fishing. It’s not all fixed peg matches and boats as the numbers prove.
Winner Jonny Dawson receives £100 and Kenny gets £70 for second place.
Thanks everyone.