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Fishing has been a popular participatory sport in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Easy access to fabulous fishing with overnight sailings to your destination makes it convenient as well. England enjoys a typical climate, colder winters and warmer summers with unexpected drizzle. This ensures that the English waters are extremely well stocked; naturally. The United Kingdom offers what must be the easiest fishing ground with good access to prolific swims. The canals, lakes, ponds and rivers are literally stuffed with coarse fish.

The main techniques are float fishing, legering and spinning and different rods are used for each technique. The amateur must know about them for better gains:

For Float fishing, a float is made of cork, quill, wood or plastic which lets the angler know when a fish takes the bait.

In legering instead, a weight is used to hold the bait on the bottom of the waterbed

Spinning is a technique used for predatory fish and uses a lure which is pulled through the water to imitate a small fish. Sometimes plugs are used, which are more lifelike than spinners and can operate at different depths in the water.

In legering, bites from fish are indicated by the twitching of the rod tip (called a quiver tip) or by electronic bite alarms attached to the line.

Groundbait is thrown into the water to attract fish to the area where the angler has cast the bait.

Pole fishing has become popular in recent years. Pole fishing makes it possible for the angler to place the bait gently and accurately in a particular spot, causing less disturbance to the fish and keeping greater control over the line.

The downside is that the angler’s range is limited to the length of the pole. Whips are short, single-section poles which are a good way to learn this technique.

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