Airflo Superflo Universal Taper Floating Fly Line

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Weight: WF 5
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Airflo Superflo Universal Taper Floating Fly Line

Who says the proverbial jack of all trades is always a master of none? This line does it all - and beautifully so, at that.

A great all round taper with a wide range of applications. Loads at short range. Longer rear taper provides multiple pick up points. Casts a very wide range of fly sizes. Haul zone extends the usable head length. And the ultra-thin running line shoots like hell and takes up less spool space.

Line weight Density Total head length 30' AFTM Total length Core
WF 5 Float 39ft / 11.88m 150gr / 9.70gm 90ft / 27.4m Power
WF 6 Float 39ft / 11.88m 173gr / 11.20gm 90ft / 27.4m Power
WF 7 Float 40ft / 12.19m 198gr / 12.83gm 90ft / 27.4m Power
WF 8 Float 40ft / 12.19m 225gr / 14.60gm 90ft / 27.4m Power

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