Airflo Tactical Tapered Leader

Length: 7.5ft
Size: Single
Breaking Strain: 2.4lb
Sale price£3.99 GBP


Airflo Tactical Tapered Leader

Manufactured to provide clear, crisp turnover, our 7.5ft Mono Tapered Leaders allow you to match your favourite nylon tippet material. All our tapered leaders are pre-looped at the butt end with a perfection loop for easy connection right out of the packet.

Choosing a monofilament tapered leader will help you quickly find the perfect anchor point when casting dries, nymphs or streamers and offer the unrivaled presentation in tight spots. Our unique taper design gives these leaders plenty of power in the butt section to turnover your flies with precision on every cast you make. At 7.5ft long, the Airflo mono tapered leaders can be customised to suit your fishing needs. Cut from the tip or butt end to fine tune the leader to your personal requirements. Manufactured with high grade Japanese copolymer, these low diameter tapered leaders offer incredible strength and durability, as well as being completely clear.

  • Single pack or 3 pack options
  • Length: 7.5ft
Item Tip Breaking Strain
Tip diameter

Butt diameter

7X 2.4lb / 1.1kg 0.104mm 0.43mm
6X 3.6lb / 1.2kg 0.128mm 0.43mm
5X 4.8lb / 2.2kg 0.148mm 0.50mm
4X 6.4lb / 2.4kg 0.185mm 0.53mm
3X 8.3lb / 3.1kg 0.205mm 0.53mm
2X 10.4lb / 3.5kg 0.235mm 0.56mm
1X 12.8lb / 4.1kg 0.260mm 0.58mm
0X 15lb / 4.8kg 0.285mm 0.64mm

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