Browning Black Magic Gold Braid

Type: 7.5lb 0.08mm
Sale price£10.99 GBP


Browning Black Magic Gold Braid

Browning has long been associated with match fishing triumph, Browning’s core concern is the making of champion anglers through the creation of tackle that encourages success.

Ideal as a feeder fishing line, the Browning Black Magic Gold Braid is a high-quality match fishing line made form multi-strand braid for reliable and very long-lasting action.

The Black Magic quality aids casting and greatly improves bite detection so you lessen the risk of losing a fish to add to the retainer net. The length of the line is 150m with a diameter of 0.10mm and breaking strain of 3.6kg / 8lb.

Do not let the Magic Gold name fool you, this is a black coloured braid that will lay discreetly in a vast of water types.

  • Black Magic quality, multi-strand braided line
  • Designed to be used for feeder fishing
  • Excellent value, reliable and very long lasting
  • Aids casting and greatly Improves bite detection

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