Browning CK Bomb Feeder Rod

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Length/Casting Weight: 10' 40g
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Browning CK Bomb Feeder Rod

The Germany company, Browning have long been associated with match fishing triumph and the brand's core concern is the making of champion anglers through the creation of tackle that encourages success. Whether you are an experienced match angler, even the champion anglers rely on luck of the draw sometimes, if you draw a poor peg it's better to back yourself with the best gear around and there are not many better than Browning.

Browning was amongst the first to release short rods for commercial fishing which has now become a standard kit that most match anglers carry. Taking the king range up a notch, the CK stands for Carp King which this bomb rod promises to land you.

The CK bomb rod is 10ft long with 40g casting weight and is perfect for a strip lake and commercials. The 10ft /3m 2 piece Bomb rod is a multi-purpose rod that can be used for just about anything bomb or feeder, winter or big summer catches. Powerful enough for carp, but forgiving enough for skimmers, light lines and small hooks. This bomb rod is built using high modulus carbon blanks that use slot in joints that still give plenty of transmissions and feel whilst making storage and transportation more compact and easier.

Although billed as a bomb rod, this Browning CK beauty is no old-school wand, capable only of winkling out silverfish from flooded rivers or canals. It can also be used to punch a feeder out to 40 yards, should you feel the need, ideal to be threaded up with a 5lb mainline. Great for winter commercial matches, the rod comes with the option of one and two-ounce quivers on the bomber. These grader carbon quiver tips allow the rod to take on a much sharper with one of these at the business end!

This 10-footer has enough backbone to cast a 30g feeder without it bouncing around prior to the cast, and this is coupled with a sublime softish parabolic, almost through, action when a fish is on. Featuring ultra-low-friction SiC guides for enhanced casting performance, the CK Bomb is a modern commercial fishery tool with a fair casting backbone and non-locking playing action that can be used for nearly all standard commercial feeder and lead work.

The ultra-slim blank delivers plenty of transmissions, and for a bomb rod, it has a slightly steely feel tempered by a reassuringly forgiving quality. These blanks look fantastic with a super-slim design that is decked out in a classy gloss black livery. The rod also sports EVA butt grips that help maximise grip when casting which screw down reel seats that are made real secure no matter what size reel you choose to use.

The snag-free hook retainer system that makes sure the hook stays inside the tube when not in use and also means you can set up your rod prior to the match and then just unpack and fishing immediately when you get to the bank.

The CK Bomb rod is really high class, with good build specifications, a great finish but at very affordable prices for the budget-conscious angler.

  • A multi-purpose rod
  • Can be used for just about anything, bomb or feeder
  • Use in the Winter or Summer for big catches
  • Powerful enough for carp, but forgiving enough for skimmers
  • Works well with light lines and small hooks
  • A slim blank with perfect action and super quality
  • Fitted with special ultra low friction line guides
  • Special contoured handle
  • Snag-free hook keeper
  • Supplied with 2 tips

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