Fox F Box Deluxe Set

Size: Large Double
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Fox F Box Deluxe Set

Compatible with most Fox luggage ranges, the F-Box range is all about terminal tackle convenience. Designed to stand up well to the rigours of bankside life, with the practical appeal of organised, ‘as you like it’ tackle storage that allows for quick, easy, instant access, and a fast turnaround when the action’s flowing, buying the right Fox F-Box can make all the difference once you’re out on the bank, and there really is a size and style to suit everyone, from the short stay session angler to the keen carper pitching up for an extended campaign.

The Fox Large Double F-Box is the ideal choice for those longer sojourns by the lake, or when you need to pack every possible accessory and variation in order to give yourself the best chance of success against a particularly challenging fish you’ve sparred with previously, and are determined to catch this time around.

With integral, compartmentalised storage, and a unique double-sided design, this is a tackle box for the fully-loaded angler, and one that will please the Boy (and Girl) Scouts among you, ensuring you’ll always be prepared, no matter what the target or challenges.

The Large Double F-Box gives you four medium four large, and eight deep storage partitions, and the same again in shallow compartments, along with five spool dispensers, a pair of tackle storage box trays offering no fewer than eight compartments, a further raft of internal box storage solutions, with two and four compartments, and a shallow eight and four compartment storage tray, as well as two flip top storage sections that are perfect for smaller items, such as swivels.

The perfect solution to your terminal tackle transport woes, the F-Box Large allows you to maximise your storage space, giving you the ability to easily take everything you’re likely to need in terms of end tackle to any swim, on any venue.

Giving you the luxury of comprehensive tackle storage, without a deluxe price tag, this tackle storage solution is the perfect choice for yourself, or as a gift to the carp angler in your life.

  • Deep partition Large x 4
  • Deep partition Medium x 4
  • Deep partition Small x 8
  • Shallow partition Large x 4
  • Shallow partition Medium x 4
  • Shallow partition Small x4
  • Spool Dispensers x 5
  • 8 compartment x 2
  • Rig Boards x 2
  • Flip Top x 2
  • 2 compartment x 1
  • 4 compartment x 1
  • 8 compartment shallow x 1
  • 4 compartment shallow x 1
  • Rig Rack Multi / single x 1

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