Greys Klip-Lok Bait Boxes

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Type: Flip Top Lid
Size: 2.4pt
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Pretty and practical, these Greys Klip-lok boxes are a must have, they are octagonal with a square shape profile meaning the'll still fit into the like of bait waiters,  coming in 3 sizes and 3 models there'll certainly be a Klip-Lok box to suit you.

The Klip-Lok with perforated lid is perfect for standard baits such as maggots or other live baits.  The flip top standard is great with baits in flavorings or juices such as corn and hemp, and the perferated flip top is good for troublesome escape artists such as active maggots and pinkies.

  • Made from tough injection moulded polypropylene.
  • Three sizes of modular base, same lid fits all.
  • Easy to operate Klip-Lok lids only fit Greys Bait Boxes.
  • Lids feature extra secure Klip-Lok (TM) fastening on all sides.
  • Lids fitted with escape proof, secure seal rubber gaskets.
  • Clear perforated lids have tapered anti-clog holes.
  • Lid perforations are fenced in to prevent bait escape.
  • Optional non-perforated Flip Top lids are interchangeable with all bases.
  • All boxes have locking feet for neat and secure stacking.
  • Enlarged capacities allow extra breathing space for live bait.
  • Flip Top lids are interchangeable with all bases.

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