Hardy Ultraclick UCL Fly Reel

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Model: 2000
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Hardy Ultraclick UCL Fly Reel

Aimed at the obsessive river angler, and setting a new standard in ultralight fly reels, the new Hardy Ultraclick UCL series is Hardy's lightest ever fly reel, featuring a fully enclosed line guard for use with ultra-thin line designs and leader only systems this series of fly reels is the ultimate for the light line aficionado. Fitted with an adjustable all-metal click system this is the perfect reel for the lightest of applications and come in at an amazing price point.

  • A new standard in lightweight reel design
  • Adjustable all-metal clicker system
  • Enclosed line guard frame design for use with leader only systems and ultra-thin Fly lines
  • Push off spool release
  • The lightest Fly reel ever produced by Hardy
  • Available in 4 sizes to suit line weights from #1 to #5
Model Supplier code Model Gear Ratio Fly Line Capacity
2000 1521695 #1/2 1.0:1 WF2+33 (20lb Dacron)
3000 1521696 #2/3 1.0:1 WF3+40 (20lb Dacron)
4000 1521697 #3/4 1.0:1 WF4+45 (20lb Dacron)
5000 1521698 #4/5 1.0:1 WF5+75 (20lb Dacron)

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