JRC Defender Weigh Sling

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JRC Defender Weigh Sling

Crafted from fish-friendly 210D polyester, this safety sling features reinforced weigh bars, to ensure the fish remains securely in the sling while it is being weighed, and prevent any injuries from a strong, lively fish tipping the sling onto the bank while it’s thrashing around inside, and super strong weigh straps, so you can securely and safely lift that monster of a personal best up to see exactly how much you’ve gained in bragging rights. Fixed around the full perimeter for ultimate strength, the JRC Defender Weigh Sling is designed to offer a weighing experience that’s easy for the angler, and as stress-free as possible for the fish.

  • Made from fish friendly and waterproof 210D polyester
  • Super strong weigh straps
  • Fixed around the full perimeter for ultimate strength
  • Mesh drainage section in the base
  • Easy weighing and quick drying
  • Waterproof carry bag
  • Dimensions: 105cm x 66cm

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