Korum Camo Turbo Beads

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Korum Camo Turbo Beads

The Korum Camo Turbo Beads enables you to change your hooklinks quickly and efficiently with little fuss thanks to the design of the clip that you can tie your mainlines to.

The Turbo beads include a specially designed metal clip which also enables the quick change of hooklink and rig accessories. This clip is located perfectly inside the bead to secure it in position meaning you can cast with confidence.

Another major benefit for all carp anglers is that the turbo beads are finished in Korum’s unique camouflage finish. The camo paint provides the maximum concealment on the lake or riverbed so fish remain unalarmed when approaching your bait.

So for a neat piece of kit that will make your hooklinks easier and quicker, consider the camo turbo beads from Korum.

  • Korum Camo Turbo Beads
  • Change hooklinks quickly and efficiently
  • Includes a specially designed metal
  • Quick change clip that locates inside the bead
  • To secure it in position
  • Finished in our unique camouflage finish
  • For maximum concealment on the lake or river bed

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