Korum Quiver Rest

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Korum Quiver Rest

Korum Quiver Fishing Rod Rest, The Korum Quiver Fishing Rod Rest is a reliable and functional rod rest that is perfect for anglers who demand performance and quality. With deep slotted grooves and extended angled ears, the Quiver Fishing Rod Rest provides a secure and stable platform for your quiver tip rods. Whether you're fishing on a commercial water or a fast-flowing river, the Quiver Fishing Rod Rest will perform admirably. Constructed from durable materials, the Quiver Fishing Rod Rest is built to last and will provide years of trouble-free service. So if you're looking for a top-quality quiver rod rest, look no further than the Korum Quiver Fishing Rod Rest.

  • ABS plastic
  • Deep slotted grooves
  • Extended angled ears
  • Standard thread

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