Korum Transition Daypack

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Korum Transition Daypack 

The Korum Transition Daypack is perfect for the organised carp angler. Incredibly compact in its design, the Transition Daypack offers around 30 litres (35 x 25 x 38cm) of capacity for those short sessions, or when travelling super light. It is compatible with ITM and Transition tackle boxes and pouches making storing terminal tackle all in one place much easier.

The Daypack bag is made from a unique combination of materials makes Korum's luggage lighter whilst still remaining incredibly tough against the rough bankside terrain and waterproofing from the splashes from the lake.

The bag includes a separate cool pouch section on the top which perfect for storing your food and bait, preventing it from spoiling whilst getting the bank. There are two velcro loops found on the top of the daypack also to house things like folding nets and banksticks so you save more space inside the bag.

There are also two D loops on the front section of the backpack which are designed for carabiner attachment, the Korum transition holster, as well as compatible with the Korum Transition unhooking mats, again offering a compact packing of your gear.

If that was not enough there are padded shoulder straps and is in the carp olive green colour that specialist anglers love.

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