Preston Hair Rigs


Preston Hair Rigs Preston Hair Rigs

Preston Hair Rigs


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Preston pre tied barbless hair rigs offers the opportunity of hair rigging to all anglers, sometimes when the fish are shy and you need that extra bit of natural presentation a hair rig offers it.  Built around the ever popular PR36 hook, you can be sure that your bait will have unrivalled hooking power when that greedy carp sucks in your rig.  With hook sizes 10 to 18 available on lines of appropriate breaking strains there's a hair to suit every occasion, and just to cover all feeder fishing situations Preston has brought you two easily tied lengths 15" for when standard feeder fishing is on the cards, and 4" for use with method feeders!  This is definitely one for pleasure and match anglers alike.


Hook Size Diameter Breaking
10 0.25mm 10lb
12 0.23mm 8lb
14 0.23mm 8lb
16 0.20mm 7lb
18 0.18mm 6lb

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