Preston Offbox 36 Venta-Lite Slimline Tray

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Preston Offbox 36 Venta-Lite Slimline Tray

Originally developed as a secondary leg, and designed to be mounted to the rear of your seatbox, the Preston OffBox 36 Venta-Lite Slimline Tray is ideal for river wading, making this side tray the perfect coarse fishing seatbox accessory.

For match anglers, it doubles up as a compact seat box for pegs with limited space, ensuring that you can fish comfortably even when space is at a premium.

A mesh tray keeps your bait cool all session long by optimising air flow, and also ensures that the side tray drains well, an important consideration when you’re faced with the British weather.

An improved offering from Preston, this Venta-Lite is lighter than its predecessor, and features user-friendly Snap Lok fittings.

If you don’t use a lot of bait during your sessions, or you tend to only have a couple of hours free for fishing at a time, this slimline storage tray is perfect, giving you an efficient option that holds just what you need, and won’t weigh you down.

  • The most versatile tray Preston have ever produced
  • Originally designed as a secondary tray to be mounted to the rear
  • Ideal for wading applications
  • Doubles up as a compact solution for pegs with limited space
  • The mesh tray promotes air flow which helps to keep your bait cool
  • It also has the added benefits of better drainage
  • Significantly lighter in weight than the original Slimline Tray
  • Features SnapLok fittings for improved usability and efficiency
  • Inserts supplied: 30mm Round, 25mm Round, 23mm OnBox
  • Tray Dimensions: 770mm x 280mm

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