Hi-Seas Quattro 4-Colour Camo Braid


Hi-Seas Quattro 4-Colour Camo Braid Hi-Seas Quattro 4-Colour Camo Braid Hi-Seas Quattro 4-Colour Camo Braid Hi-Seas Quattro 4-Colour Camo Braid

Hi-Seas Quattro 4-Colour Camo Braid

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Hi-Seas Quattro 4-Colour Camo Braid

Quattro Braid camouflage fishing line provides excellent performance while retaining all the qualities that anglers have come to love, especially its ability to disappear underwater due to the extreme low-vis scientific proven 4-color combination of blue, black, green and red, patterned in short random lengths. Quattro Braid does for fishing line what camouflage clothes do for a hunter - it breaks up visual patterns so it blends into the background. Its unique formulation gives it incredible linear and impact strength with excellent abrasion resistance.

Made with the finest Spectra fibres and manufactured using a process that weaves it into the tightest braid pattern possible, this remarkable new line is guaranteed to perform like no other. The line will not bury in reels, knots are stronger and don’t slip, and abrasion resistance is greatly enhanced. Its compact diameter reduces wind knots and rod tip wraps. Casts are further and will virtually disappear once in the water. Because the line has near zero stretch, even the most subtle bites will be transmitted back to your hands for immediate response.

  • Low-vis 4-colour camo
  • Super thin diameter
  • Great casting line
  • Hold knots well
  • No memory


Breaking strain (lb) Breaking strain (kg) Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Filaments Mono equiv. lbs Length (yards) Length (meters) Spool size
10 4.5 .004 0.10 4 4 150 137 Filler spool
20 9.1 .008 0.20 4 6 150 137 Filler spool
30 13.6 .011 0.28 6 8 150 137 Filler spool
65 29.4 .016 0.41 6 15 150 137 Filler spool

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