Rozemeijer Dr Skirt Heavy Spinner

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Rozemeijer Dr Skirt Heavy Spinner

For those who like it just a little bigger, Dr. Skirt #7 is the answer! With its #7 blade it creates fantastic vibrations and it moves a lot of water, this spinner will not go unnoticed by the predators. Because of its weight of 27g, this spinner is perfect to fish with a spinning rod in the polder ditch or the local fish pond, but also on the big water Dr. Skirt stands his ground! The spinner is finished with a sharp treble hook, hidden under a bunch of strands for added attraction.

  • Heavy spinner
  • Weight: 27g
  • Spider blade: #7
  • Hook size: 2/0
  • Creates a lot of underwater vibration
  • Sharp treble
  • Comes with handy hook protector
  • Strings for extra attraction
  • Suitable for different types of water!

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