Savage Gear Lure Specialist Tackle Box

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Savage Gear Lure Specialist Tackle Box

The durable and tough Savage Gear Lure Specialist Tackle Box has a mammoth design that offers effective storage space for your lures.

Internally there are two levels of storage for your lures, the top level has a wide range of compartments. These can be altered in size according to your needs by using the plastic dividers. Using the bottom clasp you can access the lower level of box for more storage and compartments for your lures. This section also has plastic dividers to separate lures accordingly.

The tackle box is made from heavy-duty yet lightweight plastic and has solid hinged plastic clasps at the front for a secure close and an easy open. The lid has a dark but clear design so you can easily see what is inside.

The Savage Gear Lure Specialist Tackle Box has a primarily black colour and includes a carry handle at the top of the case.

  • Durable and tough plastic design
  • Two storage levels for your lures
  • Adjust compartment size with plastic dividers
  • Solid hinged plastic clasps
  • Dark yet clear lid design
  • Black colour
  • Dimensions: 39cm x 28cm x 12.5cm

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