Sharpe's Errol Fly Reel Set

Weight: #5/6
Sale price£99.99 GBP


Sharpe's Errol Fly Reel Set

The Errol Large Arbour aluminium fly reel is perfect for any angler using a variety of differently rated fly lines. The three spare aluminium spools allow the angler to quickly change from one type of fly line to another. The fly reel and the three spare spools are supplied in a four compartment reel case. This has got to be the best value reel kit on the market at present.

  • Large Arbour Spool Design
  • Reel Plus three Spare Aluminium Spools
  • Aluminium Construction
  • Quick Release Spool
  • Right or Left Hand Wind
  • Four Compartment Reel Case Included

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