Shimano Bull's Eye 9120 Bullseye Surf Reel

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Shimano Bull's Eye 9120 Bullseye Surf Reel

A fixed spool reel that’s straightforward for novice anglers, yet designed and engineered to impress the experienced sea angler with its ability to cope with heavy braid, rough seas, and big fish, the Shimano Bull’s Eye 9120 gives you 20kg of drag, allowing you to easily apply pressure to larger fish when they’re putting up a bit of a fight, while the AR-C spool, with its angled lip for extra distance has to be one of the best-performing spools on the market, capable of sending a 60lb braided mainline, or a 15lb monofilament line, out to around 300yards with the right technique.

Striking cosmetics back up a strong, smooth retrieve on a reel that’s designed for performance, and guaranteed to go the distance on each and every cast, the Bull’s Eye gives you a 3:5:1 gear ratio that ensures the smoothest possible angling experience, with no loss of power.

  • Model: 9120
  • Gear Ratio: 3.5:1
  • Max Drag: 20kg
  • Weight: 540g
  • Spool Size: 76mm Dia / 35mm Stroke
  • Line Capacity: 40lb (0.520mm) - 240m
  • Line Capacity: 48lb (0.570mm) - 200m
  • Braid Capacity: PE8 (45kg) - 200m
  • Braid Capacity: PE10 (55kg) - 170m
  • Retrieve Ratio: 84cm per crank
  • Handle: 90mm
  • Bearing S A-RB: 5
  • Roller Bearing: 1

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