Sunline Small Game PE-HG Braid

Breaking Strain: 5lb
Sale price£44.99 GBP


Sunline Small Game PE-HG Braid

Sunline Saltwater Special High Grade PE- HG High Grade line is 20% stronger than the already extra strong Super PE.

This is an ultra super strength high grade PE line High sensitivity design for precise monitoring of the bottom surroundings & instant feedback of the most subtle hits

Works superbly with sensitive rods. Ultra thin design gives the angler outstanding casting performance & manageability High grade polyethylene braid can handle big fish too.

  • 3lb  = PE #0.2
  • 5lb = PE #0.3
  • 6lb = PE #0.4
  • 8lb = PE #0.5
  • 10lb = PE #0.6

All supplied on 150m spools.

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