Tict Rhyme Sinking LRF Braid

Breaking Strain: 0.4PE (5.5lb)
Sale price£32.99 GBP


Tict Rhyme Sinking LRF Braid

Finally, a sub 6lb LRF braid,  this stuff ticks all the boxes! A 0.4PE line, which sinks, and has pitch markers every 10 meters!  Tict Rhyme Sinking LRF Braid is perfect for working out just how far you need to cast when you’ve found the fish, it beats the wind much like an ester line meaning the angler has much better control than with a conventional braided mainline.  We’re excited about this one!

  • Distance marker every 10 meters
  • Sinking Qualities = better control
  • 0.4PE - Low diameter
  • Chartreuse green for easy spotting

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