U-40 Dura Gloss LS Supreme High Build Rod Finish

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U-40 Dura Gloss LS Supreme High Build Rod Finish

Dura Gloss LS Supreme "Hi-Build" - is a dual purpose polymer. It can be used on light fly rod wraps, and is equally proficient on heavy trolling wraps. With 100% solids, consisting of an highly refined epoxy resin and a specially formulated cycloaliphatic amine hardener.

LS "Hi-Build" is designed to be a one coat rod finish regardless of the size and type of wrap. The end result is a tough and flexible coating. 

High Build is the key to understanding that it's thicker to use than the other version LS Supreme, so it's easier to leave and go back to wont drip as much and can allow a 1 coat finish, or more if you wish.

  • U40 Duragloss LS High Build Supreme
  • Self Leveling Epoxy finish
  • supplied complete with Syringes to aid measuring out
  • available in 2 oz and 8 oz.
  • This gives a hi gloss finish and levels out on the cotton, a professional rod wrap finish
  • Works up 4 to 8 rods dependant on size of blank

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