Vass 350 Series Winter Jacket Black & Yellow

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Vass 350 Series Winter Jacket Black & Yellow

This is the fully zipped version of the 350 winter smock range. Giving the angler a fully accessable, speedy opening of the jacket when needs must. Vass have designed this jacket using the same tough 350 material that has become synonymous with this companies clothing.

Not only are pleasure anglers wearing the 350 but commercial boat anglers now make it their No,1 choice of protective waterproof breathable clothing. The added comfort of a quilted interior now gives the beach and boat angler the snugness sought after when standing or sitting waiting on that all important bite. When you are cold and damp you will be less able to concentrate and operate in competitions so it is vital that you are both warm and dry.

This is a heavy duty winter jacket which is very robust and, being designed with Vass 350 exterior material, has the ability to be flexible, giving up to 15% stretch that allows more delicate bending and casting.

There is a nice fleece lining around the copious collar area that also has a retractable large oversize hoody that gives room to allow for wearing of beanie hats etc. Pockets are of hand warmer design and it is somewhere to put those delicate digits on a cold winters night when you are hanging around waiting for the rod tip to register. All of the seams have been four way welded giving full waterproof qualities, along with a breathable membrane that boosts of 5000mm HSH. The zipper is full length and has a storm flap to keep off the horizontal rain and gale force winds. The cuffs and hem line of the longer than usual jacket has an elasticated draw string that stops all upwind cold air from hitting your warm body.

Altogether this is the jacket that is needed during the long winter nights when comfort and heat is essential and help makes what could be a miserable night into a memorable fishing session.

  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Jacket
  • Manufactured with Vass's renowned 350 material
  • Padded Thermo Wnter quilted interior for additional neat
  • Fleeced lining around collar area
  • Pockets are Hand Warmer design
  • Completely 100% Watertight (5000mm HSH)
  • Air and wind resistant
  • Reflective shoulder and arm print
  • 4 way welded seams
  • Fold open rain hood with upgraded pull cord
  • Zip is full length covered with storm flap
  • Cuffs and lower hem line are fully elasticated
  • No metal components ensuring corrosion free
  • Longer body for better water drip off
  • Fast drying


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