Donegal Flounder Fishing

03 April, 2017

Conditions were ideal for Sammy Stirling of Portrush, Northern Ireland to go in search of a few flatfish in the south west corner of Donegal. The first session was to be down at the Silver Strand beach at Malin Beg where Sammy and his fishing partner Philip Williamson had good sport with flounder and turbot, filling their trace's on most casts. This is a spectacular beach with a spectacular setting, and a spectacular walk back up to the car! When fishing this you are on the most westerly beach in Donegal, with at times, a really good chance of catching a decent turbot. Fishing this beach at night time is awesome as it is tucked away and sheltered from westerly winds, no light pollution and the quietness is deafening. 

Next stop for Sammy and Philip was the small village of Glencolmcille. This is a strange beach with a big sand bar in the middle of the bay that needs to fill over before the fishing gets good. Again, flounder were the chosen quarry and the expected bigger size didn't disappoint the lads with chunky flats up to 40cm coming out. This is a top beach for fishing pollack with live sandeel and a pear float. There is a black rock on the right hand side that starts to have a tow on with the filling tide. The pollack sit tight to the left of it waiting for sandeels to be pushed in the current past them. Expect 20-30 pollack at times.



Silver Strand, Malin Beg

Silver Strand on low water

Silver Strand walk up

Silver Strand, Heartbreak Hill!

Turbot and Flounder

A turbot and two flounder

A brace of flounder for Sammy Stirling

A brace of flounder for Sammy Stirling

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