Drennan Polemaster Winder Bung

Size: Small
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Drennan Polemaster Winder Bung

The Drennan Polemaster Winder Bungs fit an extremely wide range of top sections, coming in 3 different sizes to cover a large range of elastics too. The idea behind the bung is simple, it will give you the ability to finely adjust the tension on your elastic by either paying out or retrieving it onto the winder section itself. The winder section can be removed from the bung via a dovetail joint and easily reassembled on the bank. The cone section features drainage channels so water can drain easily from the sections.

Available in 3 sizes, and ultra light in order to have minimal effect on the pole.

  • Small 1.7g
  • Medium 2.5g
  • Large 4.5g

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