Leeda 8" T Bar Disgorger

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Leeda 8" T Bar Disgorger


The Leeda 8 inch T bar disgorger offers a fast, safe and simple to use answer to unhooking deeply hooked fish. Made using a high quality, stainless steel, this 8 inch long disgorger is a handy tool for any angler fishing for big fish that can be hard to unhook if deep throat hooked. A useful tool, it enables the angler to keep hands and fingers out of the way during unhooking and allows for safe return of the fish with least stree. The size of this disgorger is best suited to general angling for medium-sized species and can be used in boat and shore fishing situations.

  • 8'' medium sized

  • Stainless steel

  • Ideal for saltwater anglers

  • Helps prevent accidental injury

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