E-Sox Jell-Ignite Shads

Size: 8cm
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E-Sox Jell-Ignite Shads

The E-Sox Jell-Ignite Shads have a highly attractive flexible tail section which give movement on the slowest of retrieves, perfect for causing loads of vibration in the water which big predators love. Visually these lures are extremely attractive with 3 productive patterns per pack*. The translucent coloured bodies house the casting weight inside meaning no need for jigheads or other weights to be used along with the lure, the internal weight itself is covered in a highly attractive foil which gives even more attraction, even in low light conditions. Armed with ultra sharp upturned single hooks these lures can be fished through snags with ease.

  • Sharp, strong hook
  • 3 per pack


3 sizes available

  • 8cm 14g
  • 10cm 21g
  • 12cm 27g

* packs supplied with random colour selections


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